It’s important to be clear and realistic. Although anything is possible, you don’t want to doubt yourself during the process. My suggestion is to build over time.  Start with small steps. As you succeed, your confidence will increase. With a higher sense of confidence you can move on to lager goals. Tear up old magazines, take your own pictures or download images from websites and create a collage.  What ever works best for you. I like to label exactly what my goals are so everything is clear.  The image on the left is a good example of a vision board or treasure map. Print out a few copies and place them where you can see them every day. I place my treasure maps in the closet, in my office and on my computer.  I don’t discuss it with anyone.  You don’t want someone to question you later and cause doubt.  This is a technique for the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is where the ego and doubt reside so stay positive.

Visualization is the most powerful tool.
Use what comes to your mind not what someone tells you. Visualization Experiment, FMRI Functional magnetic resonance imaging shows an area of the brain that illuminates when a picture of a dog was shown to a patient. The same results where achieved when thinking of the image and when the dog was bought into the room.  When you imagine achieving your goals, your brain starts to rewire  and create the structure needed to achieve your goal. You can prepare for success by becoming the person that receives the goal. Just use your imagination and images to help create the emotion behind achieving your goal. Famous people like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Bruce Lee, have been known to use visualization techniques. They visualize the outcome before they make a move. Source: The Geinie Within