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Dr. Sebi Cures All Known Diseases

  I’ve been spending allot of time researching and learning about Africa and Ancient Egypt through a movement based in NY called the “House of Consciousness”, that’s spelled with a K.  This is where I learned  about Dr. Sebi. I was watching a video by one of the most popular speakers in the movement who goes by the name Brother Polight– A.K.A. the Young Phenom.  He gave a heart wrenching testimony about having diabetes and gangrene in his left foot as a teenager. The only option the doctors gave this young poor African-American young man was amputation. He confided in his...

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Why Amen is Said After Prayers

Why Amen is said after prayers [ Nubian Origins of Amen (Ra) ] I recently discovered a number of scholars and articles discussing the origins of the word Amen. Amen is always heard in church and at the end of a prayer. I believe to find truth, we must go back as far as possible to find its origins. Thanks to the ancient Egyptians, we can read the writing on the pyramids which  predate the Bible and Christianity by thousands of years. Amen begins in Egypt with the Pharaoh Akhenaten,. Akhenaten was one of ancient Egypt’s most influential and controversial pharaohs....

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Ancient Egyptians Had More Respect for Women

Early human beings practiced animism, the belief that everything, even trees or mountains or rivers, has a spirit and should be respected; they also practiced polytheism, a belief that there were many gods and goddesses controlling the world; some of these deities were loving and kind, while others were angry or judgmental. As with Greek gods and goddesses, ancient Egyptians hoped that the various deities would keep them safe, especially if they treated the god or goddess the right way, offering special chants or prayers, or performing certain rituals to express devotion. In Egypt, not only were there gods...

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Did William Shakespeare write Psalms 46: King James Version?

In 1609, King James gathered all the biblical references of his time and the best writers to create a version of the Bible to be dedicated to him and his vision. The writers were not allowed to take credit for their work but like any talented creative person would do, they found ways to hide their signature within their work. William Shakespeare was one of those writers. He wrote Psalms 46. If you go to Psalms 46 in the King James version of the Bible and count 46 words from the beginning, you will find the word “shake”. Count...

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