Kundalini Awakening / A True Story

Recently, I have been sharing my spiritual an scientific information with my sister Kelly. Last week she informed me that our childhood friend, Stephanie, who is now her sister-in-law, and who had been fighting cancer for the past year, was now in a fight for her life. It was only natural that she reached out to me when Stephanie was placed in hospice care.

Kelly was determined to do everything she could to help Stephanie survive including telling her to ignore what the doctors had to say. Her intent was to keep Stephanie from giving up and believing that a miracle could happen. The day after Stephanie was sent home my sister called to tell me about an experience she had. I could her the joy in her voice. She sent Stephanie a text message that read, “I’m breathing for you.” Then she sat in her room with a picture of Stephanie breathing deeply as she recited a mantra she had created;”Spirit in” as she inhaled and “cancer out” as she exhaled. She began to feel a tingling sensation at the base of her spine. Then it rose all the way to the top of her spine. This area is called the medulla oblongata. The medulla oblongata is a portion of the hindbrain that controls automatic functions such as breathing, digestion and heart rate. Paramahansa Yogananda refers to this as the mouth of God. Kelly said she felt an overwhelming sense of bliss. When she opened her eyes she said the picture of Stephanie was in 3D. Her son heard noises  and entered the room to check on her. She said she had a sense of him being there but she was clearly in another state. As she came out of this state her leg began to shake uncontrollably. Her son said her hands felt like they were on ice. She wasn’t sure what all of this meant but she said it was the greatest feeling she had ever had and she wants to experience it again.

The next day we felt we should visit Stephanie at her parent’s home. As I drove up to the house I saw family and friends out front in tears. They greeted me as though I were a glimmer of hope, like a fresh soldier entering a battle in the midst of defeat as I approached them. When I entered the room Stephanie was unconscious. A machine was pumping the fluid from her lungs. We took turns sharing time with her, holding her hand and praying. But within the next 30 min or so she took her last breath. Stephanie has a large family and most of them entered the room. I stood back to see and feel the enormous amount of love.

I believe my sister connected with Stephanie’s spirit in another dimension during her kundalini awakening. Since her passing, my sister has had vivid dreams of looking up into the sky and watching Stephanie dance in heaven. I recommend the book “For Time and All Eternity: Love Never Dies” by Karla Lee Lavoie. It is a miraculous, true story that assures us there is no death. Life goes on in all of its beauty and splendor; for once we are joined we remain so forever.

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