Today I had a vision of the image for this blog and the book that would inspire the writing. The image as you can see is a beautiful path and the inspiration for the message comes from “Discover the Power Within You” by Eric Butterworth.  I was introduced to this book by a spiritual group I meet with once a week.  The perspective Eric Butterworth gives on Christianity is enough to change your life or at the least ask questions. Butterworth expresses the importance of meditation and prayer. Parmahansa Yogananda  said, “When you meditate you’re listening for God and when you pray you’re speaking to God.” We need help navigating through life and the only way we can get it is by moving out of our own way.  Some people use the phrase, “Let Go and Let God.”

There’s a fascinating concept in the prologue of “Discover the Power within You.” “According to an old Hindu legend there was a time when all men were gods, but they so abused their divinity that Brahma, the chief god, decided to take it away from men and hide it where they would never again find it. Where to hide it became the big question. When lesser gods were asked to consider a good hiding place. They offered suggestions like, at the bottom of the deepest ocean, on the highest mountain, deep in the earth. The Brahma said,  “Man will eventually have the ability to search all of these places.” The lesser gods eventually gave up on where to hide man’s divinity where it couldn’t be found. Then the Brahma said, “We will hide it deep down in man himself, for he will never think to look for it there.”  Two thousand years ago a man named Jesus found it and shared its secret: but in the movement that sprang up in His name, the Divinity has been the best kept secret of the ages.”

This reminds me of the Buhdda’s story. He left his palace, wife and child in search of enlightenment. He joined many groups, followed many Gurus, starved himself and practiced self inflicted pain. Finally after many years of searching, he sat under a tree and looked within. This is where he found his enlightenment.  He didn’t build a temple or start a religion.  He felt enlightenment was for everyone.

When I think about this it reminds me of God’s name, I AM. We all share the same name when we refer to ourselves. I AM Guru6 for example.  When we say “I AM” we illustrate the concept of oneness. We are one with each other and our creator. Thanks to people like Butterworth, Yogananda, Goldsmith and many others, I can fathom the concept of Christ being within better than the concept of an angry old man that lives in the sky .

As I make my way through building this site and solving technical problems, I keep my focus within. Like the “Prodigal Son” concept Butterworth speaks about, I’m coming home. Not from a distant land but to the Christ within.  Today I have a lot to accomplish but I’m making a strong effort to stay calm and handle each task as the copilot.

You may need a creative idea to make more money, save your job, improve your health, save a relationship or whatever. Don’t get distracted from your infinite source, your path.  As Bob Marley said, “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”  Guru6

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